How to Find Investors for a Small Business

It could take years of saving and hard work to get your business off the ground. Although you may have bootstrapped your business to get to where you are today but you might need more money to expand and grow.

There are many ways to locate investors. You can try to connect with potential investors on your own, through networking events, and even online platforms such as Gust or Gust. You can also look for accelerator programs that provide assistance in exchange for seed capital.

Established entrepreneurs can be a great source of information on how to find investors for small businesses and, therefore, you should reach to your networks and ask for recommendations. If you have friends with businesses, they might be able to connect you to investors. Make sure to check out your local business associations–local chambers of commerce and chapters of associations such as the National Federation of Independent Business could be a great starting point to start.

When you do meet with potential investors, be prepared to discuss your business’s goals and projections. Explain how your business has grown and produced profits in the past. Be prepared to answer any questions about your future plans. Make sure you have an investment structure that clearly defines the role of the investor in the company and how they’ll be expected to do their job.

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